Chris Bevacqua

Christopher Ryan Bevacqua (born 7 November 1995) is an American musician best known as a bassist and keyboardist. He is originally from Brick, New Jersey. Chris has been honing his skills as a musician from an early age and has been playing in bands for most of his life. He has explored many genres as a musician including classical, metal, rock, jazz and blues. Chris, being infatuated with the piano decided to take his interests a step further and study classical piano at Red Bank Regional High school, where he spent his four years studying various classical artists as well as versing himself in music theory. While in high school he decided that he wanted to play bass as well as piano, so he formed a band with some close friends and began to pursue live performance. From that point on Chris was hooked he knew that playing music was something that he’d want to do for the rest of his life, he continued in the band throughout freshman and sophomore year while attending Ocean county college.

One thing led to another and Chris could no longer continue playing music in New Jersey, so he decided that his best chance at success would be to move to Nashville TN, where he would finish out his bachelor’s degree at Belmont University and seek out more performance opportunity. In the two years that Chris has lived in Nashville, he has found his way into several bands and has continued to pursue his lifelong dream of playing live music.