RaShaun Whetstone

RaShaun Austin Whetstone (born 2 December 1989) is a drummer/percussionist from Birmingham, Alabama. Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Whetstone was an athlete, playing football as a lineman in middle school.

When Whetstone’s family moved to Birmingham in 2003, he picked up music as a substitute for sports, as his new school did not have a football program. RaShaun was in the concert, jazz, and marching band throughout middle school and high school.

In 2013, Whetstone began his professional music career in Birmingham’s underground scene, starting with a brief run as a percussionist with a multi-genre collective called The Good Life. He was also briefly involved with Fort Payne, AL Americana group, The Jess Goggans Band and internationally known musician and poet, Sharrif Simmons. In 2015, he was selected to play drums for several Birmingham hip hop and R&B artists, which included Love Moor.

In 2016, Whetstone was selected to be an official member and drummer for Southern Americana Groove Rock band Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees™. Whetstone’s background in underground hip hop and R&B is evident in his smooth, yet assertive grooves and percussion-like approach on the drums, as heard on The Blue Trees’ debut album, Procrastinated Memoirs.

RaShaun Whetstone endorses Diemond Star Drumsticks.